Memories degrade with repetitive use, while fantasies grow richer and more complex when indulged.  I trust neither.  My work is not to be trusted. It’s manipulative. The way love songs and romantic comedies make us nostalgic for something that never was. The way tabloids provide intimate connections to people we have never conversed with. My memories are subverted by popular culture; my fantasies framed by gender roles constructed by history and society.  They are mine as much as they are not. 


The materials employed in my sculptures, installations, and videos are familiar yet never authentic.  Flesh is re-contextualized through the use of rubber, leather, vinyl, and fabric.  The body is explicit, yet conspicuously absent. Craft seduces while content challenges notions of desire.  Cinematic installations place awkwardly suggestive objects in dramatic tableaus amplified by projected still or moving images. These elaborately fabricated memories, existing as scenes, acts, or at times entire plays, converge into one condensed moment in time.


Intentionally paradoxical and humorous, the work exposes the absurdity of delineating truth from fiction.