Class-Advanced Studio


Class- Sculpture I  Project- Line in Space, a corner of your memory palace

Objective- Translate the essence of a memory, without an explicit narrative


Class-Sculpture I     Project- Peg legs and wooden teeth

Objective- Create a prosthetic to enhance a particular physical or emotional idiosyncrasy.  Live performance or video performance required


Class- Intro to Sculpture     Project- Capturing Movement

Objectives- Work from a Vine of yourself dancing to create an abstract sculpture that conveys the motion of the dance in a disceet object /or/ Draw a made-up character or form, give it locomotion then translate that movement into a 3-D form


Class- Sculpture I     Project- Making it Personal

Objective- Tell the narrative of a found object of personal significance 


Class- Intro to Sculpture     Project- A box, some tape, and The New York Times

Objective- Using only three materials create an abstract sculpture from two representational objects, one that fits in your hand and one that is from an image and is too large to pick up.


Class- Intro Drawing

Ally Silberkleit                      Julia Sisson                         Zach Doleac